hello june

Hello June! I think I really like you, but the thing is I can't really enjoy it. From 9 to 29 June I have exams at the University, not to mention working weekends of course, so when I should have fun in the sun, party all the time outside, go for some wild adventures, have vegetarian barbecues every single day, all I can do is sit on my balcony (thank God I have two ) and read boring civil process code or a bit more interesting labour law and  the most interesting, however detailed, complicated and tricky as hell- penal law. 
This is how it goes, so if you can, INDULGE yourself as much as possible, because here it comes June, the beginning of summer! wooo hooo!

lavender and basil in my mom's newest purchase on our balcony

just an ordinary dinner of mine, buckwheat groats and salad. 

my new wedges, they are a bit to big for my little feet, but the colour is just made for my pale skin 

my four new strapless bras, they are perfect for summer, I see it like this: see through baggy tee and one of these underneath. YUM!
14,90 PLN for each one in Stradivarius

5 komentarzy:

When the Sun is shining pisze...

cudowne buty. :)

Karolina, 22 pisze...

o dziękuję, to deezee

Anonimowy pisze...

leopard <3 in love

Anja :)

Lenny pisze...

Świetne są te buty! :)) już ich chyba nie ma w deezee, szybko się wyprzedały.

No i bikini bez ramiączek <3


kate and kat pisze...

te topy są mega. rowniez posiadam :)