blue & orange coctail

Here are some other photos from my roof.  This time colourfull. Enjoy


tee- cubus
skirt- h&m
shoes- deezee



very pink lipstik I bouhgt in Inglot

my outfit for a friend's wedding

this was my outfit for a church part of the wedding

and this is what I wore for the wedding party in the evening but accually I changed these wedges just after making the photos and before leaving home, so in the end I wore black boots on 12 cm  heel and I had my orange/red jacket from previous pictures (Zara) :)



DIY shorts

Prawda jest taka, w niedziele poszłam z bratem na dach kamienicy w której mieszkam, wzielam pare ciuchów i zrobilismy mikro sesje, wiec miejscówa ta sama co w poprzednim i następnym poscie :D Generalnie stylówa też ta sama, jest tylko drobna różnica w stroju. 
Szorty które mam na sobie tym razem to DIY. Kaśka wypatrzyła mi za długie dzwonowate jeansy w sh (to chyba był Roban) na Rynku Dębnickim, ja je obcięłam, a potem poniosła mnie fantazja i powbijałam sobie ćwieki na tylniej kieszeni.
Najlepsze shorty to takie zrobione samemu. Polecam każdemu.

Ok, so the truth is on sunday I went with my brother to the roof of the building we live and we made a micro fotoshoot. And that's why the background of this post is the same as in the last one and as in the next one. :D Also the style is the same, maybe there's a little diffrence in clothes I'm wearing.
My shorts are DIY, my friend Kate found them in second hand store and then i cut and studed them. The best shorts are the one you make yourself. I reccomend it to everyone.




On the roof

Hello. This is my first stricte outfit post. I wonder how do you like it.

crochet tee - sh
shorts- cubus
wedges- deezee
sunglasses- h&m



Ania's bachelorette party

So here they are, pics from Ania's bachelorette party. Thank's Ania, Kaśka, Dodo Mućka, Magda, Natalia, Anja, Roxi, Monika i Monia for such a great party. The first and the best bachelorette party in my life. Pictures were made in Ania's flat. Thank's Marcin - bridegroom for the fisheye. And next saturday their wedding 
hi 5

Broccoli tart, rhubarb pie in a shape of a heart, finger foods from little tomatos, mozarella, black olives and basil, melons, peaches and other fresh fruits and some other snack we made with Kate.


hello june

Hello June! I think I really like you, but the thing is I can't really enjoy it. From 9 to 29 June I have exams at the University, not to mention working weekends of course, so when I should have fun in the sun, party all the time outside, go for some wild adventures, have vegetarian barbecues every single day, all I can do is sit on my balcony (thank God I have two ) and read boring civil process code or a bit more interesting labour law and  the most interesting, however detailed, complicated and tricky as hell- penal law. 
This is how it goes, so if you can, INDULGE yourself as much as possible, because here it comes June, the beginning of summer! wooo hooo!

lavender and basil in my mom's newest purchase on our balcony

just an ordinary dinner of mine, buckwheat groats and salad. 

my new wedges, they are a bit to big for my little feet, but the colour is just made for my pale skin 

my four new strapless bras, they are perfect for summer, I see it like this: see through baggy tee and one of these underneath. YUM!
14,90 PLN for each one in Stradivarius



Some random shots from today. 

gofry z cukrem pudrem i nektarynkami
waffles with icing sugar and nectarines

zakupy na placu: pomidorki, ogórki, rabarbar i świeżutki szpinak tylko za 2 złote!
shopping from the marketplace: tomatos, cucumbers, rhubarb and fresh spinach (only 2PLN- about half Euro)


gożdziki i nowy wazon mojej mamy z Tk maxx
carnations and my mum's new flowerpot from Tk maxx